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Vaughan & Sarah, The Olds On Tour

When we pulled into the Hollbrook KOA (Holbrook, AZ), we had no idea what was in store for us.  We had met a few people along the way, everyone had been friendly, but none could compare at this point in our journey to what we consider now our traveling role models, Sarah and Vaughan.

Themselves on a unique journey, their plan was to travel the world backpacking.   Unlike any other campers we had met thus far however, their journey had taken them across many countries with no stop in sight.  Under their blog title “Olds On Tour”  they were making their mark on adventure in a way we could only dream.  

We were so lucky to have one evening in the same location as they as we chatted for hours and were inspired to dare even bigger than we had dreamed.   He from New Zealand originally and her from the UK their accents enchanted us and their stories of journey awed.   In their 50s, they were living the dream which so many fear taking the first step in doing.

While we were traveling with so many conveniences, they had paired down to only a few items to last them the 2 years in which they were on their grand tour.   They had planned over a year for their adventure and finally seen it through, catching us some many months in.  

Checking off country after country they had tales to tell of Bolivia, Peru, Cuba and Argentina before coming to the U.S. for an adventure cross country.   For each location they donned a bracelet with a unique memory of their travels.   And as we sat listening and chatting, it was amazing to see the world from the eyes of another.

We are so thankful for the single night in Holbrook for which we made amazing new friends and look forward to following their journey as they continue to inspire our future adventures.   It is amazing how the road isn’t about experiences and places alone, but the amazing people you meet along the way as well and how they validate the course you are on.

Thank you Sarah and Vaughan!!  Best of travels!!

For those wishing to follow their amazing adventures I have attached the link to their blogsite!!

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