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Life Is A Beach

A beach is something which until you have experienced you only can dream to know.   So many will travel throughout life and never feel the sand between their toes, the surf rise and fall over their feet or feel the mist of the salt water as it touches their skin.   Its a place of peace for some and recreation for others.   

I often have questioned why it had taken me so long to see both the cool waters of the pacific along the California coast and the warm waters of the Atlantic along the Florida coastline.   But when I finally made it to them it was like I was home.   Listening to the surf made sense, and sitting on the beach was almost meditative as I was able to tune out all that around and just seek relaxation.   

I was even perhaps more surprised when I found out that my friend Pam has not yet dipped her feet in the cool waters and been able to enjoy the same vibrant feeling.   Our road trip took a turn and changed it course just to make this happen.

Originally planning to stay at the Grand Canyon for three nights, we cut it shy knowing that the temperatures were dropping into the low twenties.   Instead, we took an eight out haul to San Clemente, where we perched near the beach and made it a point to catch a sunset at San Onofre. 

The beach, known well by local surfers, provided an excellent backdrop for our short adventure as the sunset glistened on the waters, we played for what seemed to be hours and spent some amazing moments just relishing in the moments reflecting before heading to our campsite.   

We met up with a relative of Pam's that evening who has been stationed at the local base just outside of San Clemente.   It was the only night we really would say we “went out” while traveling and it was more-so of a reunion than an event.

By morning, we knew we would have to again start out drive, so we again we took time to enjoy the our last memories of the San Onofre beach.   As we arrived, dozens of local surfers were attempting to catch morning waves, a sight worth seeing that really brings home the stereotypical day at the beach in California.   It was nothing short of amazing basking in the warmth of the sun, listening to the surf and seeing the sights before hitting the road.  

Life is a beach, nothing else compares and if you haven’t been until you do you will never truly grasp just how California is different than another other place you will travel.

Location From Other Surrounding Cities:

Los Angeles, CA - 62 Miles 

San Diego, CA - 59 Miles

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