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Memorial Day: A Day Of Honor

Each year we take a day in May to remember those which have so boldly fought to preserve our basic

American Rights.    On this day, flags are flown proudly to remember those which have so bravely served.   However what most forget is that each day we have the option to honor those which serve and have served. 

Today, we went to a Veteran's Memorial Park in Addington, OK.   While there we paid our respects and viewed those in the local community which had served our country.   But these parks are not limited to admission on earmarked "holidays" and instead are open daily to tell a tale of those which have bravely fought and in some cases died for us all.   

I encourage you along your adventures to always remember these which have made adventuring a possibility.   Visit these parks and pay tribute to those which make America free for you and me to be ourselves and explore on a whim.   

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