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Art Free In The Big D

When looking for budget friendly ideas in DFW, if you are an art lover options might seem overwhelming, but where do you start navigating your adventures?  I looked on this very issue and sifted through the options and decided to begin my journey at the Dallas Contemporary, where modern art seems to meld with ample spaces and exhibits seem to come alive. 

Offering free admission during regular hours the gallery also offers special exhibition nights at a small charge.  During these special nights the museum comes to life with lively bantor of the art world in a creative, intellectual and unique way.

I decided to view the galleries on a Wednesday about mid day.   The large gallery space was not crowded and the staff immediately welcomed me and explained the exhibits in detail before I explored each.  

Overall the large spaces allowed me ample movement to see each with open invitation to photograph anything I wished.  I spent about 45 minutes exploring the three exhibits including a very unique interactive exhibit by Pia Camil.  The contrast between the standard exhibits of Keer Tanchak and Ambreen Butt was vastly appealing to a variety of eyes and I noticed those which were browsing through the great halls were pulled in by the intrigue of the repurposed materials and unique manipulation of faces throughout the two.

This is one of the many great free sites you can visit in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.   While I do consider it a more adult or young adult based location it is open to all ages, though in my opinion it would not be as well received by those under the age of 13.   When seeking a haven for artistic freedom, this location is the perfect place to unwind for a while and check out local contributions.

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