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The Most Odd Antique Shop In The West

If ever there has been one of those places you just see on the roadside and stop dead in your tracks with a head scratch, it is Addington Station Antiques in Oklahoma.   In fact both of the times I have passed this one I have been fascinated by the unique outdoor presence it places on the Oklahoma roadside.

Your driving along through small town after small town, then suddenly you catch a glimpse of the bold red and white building adorned in old road signs, boasting totem poles and large carvings and who could miss the unique western scene displayed on its front lawn.  In fact, this one is one that you might have to stop and just get a little closer to just for that last reason.

Sure the giant iron statues of animals are interesting, and the windmills might be just the pick up item you have been searching for to finish your yard’s landscape, but the story to be told through the unique western scene is where it really is at in Addington.  

It seems a strange pairing for such a scene just across from a church but nobody seems to mind the offbeat roadside intrigue.   In fact the inside of the shop itself boasts many highly coveted items of interest to which travelers come from far and wide to find.

There is no lack of humor in advertising with this shop and for that it makes our list of Weird Roadside Wednesday stops which are a must see!

For more information about the shop:

Distance to Major Cities:

Wichita Falls, TX – 45 Miles

Lawton, OK – 52 Miles

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