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Biggest Dice Game In Texas

When traveling through Texas, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of things that are larger than life.   We are known as the state where everything is bigger from our plates of food to our pride in our teams.   But nothing seems to be untouched when it comes to that mantra as even a dice game can get bigger than belief in Decatur, Texas.   

Have you ever shot craps?   If so you are probably familiar with the term “Eighter from Decatur” well guess what… this happens to be that town.

The slang became famous around 1916 and seemed to just stick.    As a group of men rolling through on a train picked it up they took it with them and it spread like wildfire to the term we know it to now have become.   Signs were hung on each entry into town boasting the term and from there it was all history.

Now when entering Decatur you might find signage staggered throughout the now much more modernized town.    But none more exciting than the special mural and sculptural art near the downtown square.  Some may see the mural, created in post card styling as a traditional nod to the past however the accompaniment of a pair or dice measuring 12 feet in height brings the modern movement of the evolution of the city to life.

Constructed by Jake and Kris Hayhurst, a couple of local good ol’ boys, the dice are approximately 4,500 pounds of uniquely designed steel.   But the project started out as a mere joke that turned into a local landmark and yet another larger than life project for the state of Texas to boast holding.

It is another one of the Weird Roadside stops which are a must see in Texas.  Larger than life, with a historic past, these dice are the largest game of dice you will find and all nestled in the county seat of Wise County.

Location:  Downtown Decatur, visible from East Main or East Walnut at their intersections on Church St

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