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The Eternal Mermaid

There are many versions which can be found of the story of Sirena the mermaid, some relate back to a story from Guam others from the Caribbean and one particular which is commemorated by a beautiful statue in Salado, Texas as told by the American Indians which called the plains of the area home.

According to local legends passed throughout the years, a beautiful maiden princess yearned for her mate to find a handsome brave to be her husband and each day would put all these wishes into the waters around her.   One day a magical fish arose to grant this wish with conditions.   She would agree to the terms and swim with the fish each full moon for a year as a mermaid and this would bring about her heart’s desires.

However, much like any other sinister plan of magic the fish told her if human eyes laid on her during this time she would remain a mermaid forever, trapped in her agreement, something the fish knew would likely happen in his clever trap.

As time passed she indeed met the brave of her dreams and was married.   She continued to fulfill her agreement only to be snagged on the last of the full moons and while struggling to remove the snag she was spotted thus making her a mermaid eternally.  

The statue remains a lasting reminder of the tale of lore and though it has been moved numerous times to its current position, the tale of Sirena  and her location in the Pace Memorial Park have brought about a great inspiration to those visiting from miles around.  

Sculpture by: Troy Kelley, local artist of Salado

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