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Missouri's Underground Marvel

In groups of 60 people, tourists flock down through Marvel Cave in Branson, Missouri to unveil the wonders resting just below the surface.

Known for its grand cathedral room, the cave was discovered as a part of a mission to find what explorers thought was actually marble beneath the surface. After discovering that what they thought was marble was in fact not, they instead discovered something else which could be harvested and sold off from the natural wonder, bat guano. The guano was harvested and sold off in fact making the explorers rich in a completely different way than originally estimated.

Following the sell of the materials within the cave became commercially utilized for tours by lantern light and aroused such interest from those coming to see the cave that it became clear that visitors needed something else to do to keep them amused in between tours. A parking lot was created and lined with buildings which boasted crafters and before long what started as a side show to the cave became a wonder all its own as Silver Dollar City was born.

Now every 45 minutes those visiting the park can take a trip down the 700 steps into the depths of the cave. The cool air making for a perfect summer retreat, the cave still is the Marvel it once was when first discovered. Now guided tours tell the history of the cave while sharing interesting facts about its sheer size, some of which is non-tourable.

Make Sure To Enjoy:

Cathedral Room - Big enough to fit the statue of liberty and 5 floating full size hot air balloons!

Waterfall Room - Equipped with changing lights the room is a favorite and though a short stop on the tour, a perfect place to stop and see the beauty of the falls and take a selfie!

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