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Touring The Springs

Check out today's awesome video blog! Visiting Eureka Springs, Arkansas is always quite the interesting trip. The community is filled with amazing people, art and culture along with a rich history.

Touring the cold springs of Eureka is a must do when visiting while winding through the many streets of the picturesque community. Maps are available throughout of not only the highlights and stops along the city but also the many trails and byways that might just trigger your interest.

I found myself wandering through downtown after taking the trolly at one of the many stops along the outer parts of the city. My pass was only $6 and allowed me to ride throughout the many tour routes throughout the day. After paving my path for the day, doing a little light shopping and finding some coffee I opted to find my car and then make my way around the springs tour which includes some 10 highlighted springs around the city.

Each spring slightly different from the last, was landscaped and almost blended into the surroundings making for a beautiful trip around Eureka.

Springs in Eureka Springs each are cool springs so as the day began to heat up it was a perfect escape from the summer temperatures and made for a pleasant day. I sampled the cool spring water at many of the stops, relaxed in gardens and enjoyed each of the stops nestled in the hills.

For those looking for a unique trip experience the community offers many differing experiences including this one alongside unique art installations, musical inspirations and history throughout. Travelers of all ages and walks of life can find something woven into the fabric of this unique community.

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