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How To Hike Or Run With Your Cell Phone

When hiking in familiar areas one might want to have their cell phone available for listening to music along the way. But holding a device throughout the duration of your hike can prove difficult, especially with larger model phones. In addition, not wanting to hang on to such a cumbersome item can often discourage people from carrying their phones when they do not have pockets.

It is imperative however to keep a communication device with you at all times for safety especially when you are traveling and not familiar with the area.

So how do you keep your phone handy without pockets for either pleasure or purpose?

While a backpack is a popular option for those hiking, sometimes the excessive weight simply is not feasible for those being a bit more active, for this reason they have designed cellphone arm bands.

Streamlined and secured on your upper arm around the bicep the phone rests in a casing which does not allow it to bounce or tangle when moving. This style has become very popular with runners or those working out as it allows access to the front panel of the phone through a thin layer of plastic protection which keeps sweat from settling onto the phone and potentially damaging it.

For those listening to music this option keeps cords from draping awkwardly over your core like those which utilize a pocket in their pants. It also allows your phone to stay present for step counting and distance measurement for those tracking their progress on hikes.

Phone sleeves and holders for the arm are designed to fit almost every size and style of phone and have a variety of securing options including buttons, velcro closures and buckles. I personally prefer a velcro closure which is more user friendly for a single user without assistance on sizing. With these you can simply loop through and secure to the correct feeling of comfort versus buttons and buckles which require more work on aligning to preset options.

For heavy activity these just seem to make sense for travelers or those choosing to workout at home. Less bulky than a bag and more comfortable than stiff block shoved into a pocket, the easy access to your phone can set the tempo for a pleasurable hike or workout with little to no hassle.

Price range on these varies greatly based on brand, materials and phone size. The one consistent thing I have discovered when searching for my next arm band however is ratings are key to finding the perfect fit for my needs. Much like hiking boots, a tent or even a backpack, reading the thoughts of others which have purchased similar items seems to be the best way to make a decision which will make me happy when ordering online. Customers typically are very realistic about praise as well as criticism of items through leading websites.

I have attached the link to the armband I am exploring currently for my own use. Rated well for hiking and activity the price point just happens to also be on track to meeting my needs as a traveler on a budget.

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