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A Note From Me To You!! Thank You For A Great First Year!!

Dear Readers & Subscribers:

When I began my channel and blog page in April of last year, it was all a dream of just a single destination. I wanted to go to the Grand Canyon! I had never been and it was a part of my bucket list. I thought if I had this one epic trip it would bring about some kind of great clarity, never did I see it turning into a passion of such magnitude.

But some 6 large adventures and a handful of smaller ones later I have fallen in love with the road and the adventures and challenges it provides.

I have been tested by my fears, pressed my endurance and conquered things I never knew I could throughout 2017. I have found that some of the best adventures are those you do not plan ahead of time and some of the most memorable moments are the ones you least see making such a mark.

I have been fortunate to not only be able to take adventures with family but also friends and with each one of those trips I have strengthened my bonds with each. I have found that riding in a car for an extended distance is one of the best ways to find out everything you didn’t know about the other person and yet I’d gladly ride for hours in a car with each and every one of them again and again.

I have learned about cultures which built and defined our country, wars which have ravaged it and how people are one of the most valuable resources we actually have and so infrequently realize. I have met people from to many countries to count and engaged in fascinating conversations which inspired me to dream bigger than even I could imagine.

I have discovered the beauty of the United States through 9 states of travel from beaches to plains and mountains to deserts. I have camped, hiked, kayaked and driven to places that I wasn’t even aware existed before my journey began.

I have tasted local cuisine, shopped at local markets, endured ever changing weather conditions and sampled art from around various styles and cultures. I have absorbed the world around me with open eyes and arms and accepted that though I have seen so much, there is so much left to explore.

But perhaps the most amazing feeling of my travels has been being able to share them with everyone who chooses to share their time with me. Though my channel and blog I have been able to interact with so many people and share not only my travels but my tips and tricks I have learned along the way. I have had the privilege of showcasing something I love with others and that in itself is so valuable to me.

I want to thank everyone who tunes into my channel, subscribes and follows my blog for your continued support along the growth of the Bunny Blog. Though I may not be able to speak to each and every one of you, I am so blessed to have you all in my corner for each adventure. I am inspired by what is around me and the continued support of each of you.

Thank You Again for an amazing 2017 and I look forward to an even more exciting 2018!!!


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