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Creating Your Travel Bucket List: Thinking Locally & Abroad

Creating a Bucket List might seem a little trivial to those who are always on the go and seem to have no time for frivolous things. However it is proven that if your write down a goal you are more likely to realize and achieve it. But where do you even start when it comes to your destination Bucket List and how do you work toward achieving it?

Many make the common mistake of only thinking big when they make their list. This is a huge NO-NO! Though you might want to check out larger items such as other countries, do not forget to think smaller and locally as well. Setting small achievable goals fuels your mind into being able to comprehend larger items instead of being overwhelmed by them.

For someone wanting to travel to a different country things like self sufficiency and funds can be a huge hurdle however by accomplishing small goals and list items you become more familiar with what it will take to achieve this bigger things. For example, if you can plan a small trip and learn how to cut corners and find savings, you are more likely to be able to do so when it comes to larger trips in unfamiliar territory.

Your Bucket List should contain the following:

  • One semi-local place you have never been but always wanted to check out

  • One in state items that is just beyond your typical reach

  • One place you have always wanted to go that you have to leave your state to check out

  • One country you have wanted to go

Now while typically you only put your large goals on a list, when you look at these options you open your mind to new things you have not tried not just abroad but also in your own backyard. You can accomplish these items quickly and expand your horizons vastly while improving your travel and adventure confidence.

Try to focus on activities which you have always wanted to do but never been able to due to fear or time constrictions. If you have been tempted to go zip lining for example, you don’t have to wait until you are in a South American jungle to do so, you can find zip lining near you to try it and see if you like it before planning an entire trip based on this to a remote location and spending a lot more money to try something you may or may not enjoy.

If you are tempted to go hiking and want to backpack through Ireland, first make sure you are prepared to do so by trying hiking in the beautiful locations in your surrounding states and if you will be camping learn what you will need through trial and error locally before hopping on a plane and moving to the unknown.

Think broad of the BIG things you are interested in with the sky being the limit, then start doing your research as to costs, requirements and suggestions by others with similar ideas.

Do not be discouraged if someone isn’t as excited about your list as you are, keep in mind, we all have different things we want to check off on our own lists so this is your personal list for you.

Remember to write everything down in a safe and personal place that you keep with you. Always remind yourself of your goals by jotting down notes as you go to help you achieve these goals and try setting time frames that are realistic for accomplishing these goals. If you know something is going to be financially taxing rather than allowing yourself to fail give yourself a real expectation of how long it will take to get your funds together before going.

Always remember no matter how much planning you do, life happens. Sometimes when we set goals we have to change our expectations based on events going on in our lives. Do not let this discourage you instead adjust timelines and keep focused on accomplishing your goals and dreams!

Now you have the blueprint to success, remember anything is possible for those who plan so get out there and start living your best life.

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