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How To Keep Your Luggage From Being Thrown At The Airport

We have all seen the horror of a bag being tossed out of the plane onto the trolley of things to be stowed under the plane. It can be horrific to watch your belongings mishandled in such a way, yet as a passenger we are many times defenseless against this outcome as we are at the mercy of the airline.

But what if you could take a single step to prevent at least a little of this from happening?

You Can!!

Mark your bag as fragile!

Yep, something so simple can save you a lot of wear and tear and possibly save you from seeing your bag being the one rolling down the conveyor at your destination half ripped with your personal items strewn across for everyone to see.

But how can this simple label save you headache?

Items marked as fragile are often times handled more carefully not only in loading but also unloading. It has been proven that to avoid damage to these items and thus upset customers these bags are also placed at the top of the pile of luggage versus the bottom where they are more likely to suffer damages including rips and tears from heavy luggage being placed on them. They are placed gently onto the belts and thus also are entering the terminal earlier than other bags so it becomes a win win for those flying.

Airline surveillance videos have proven these bags tend to get very different treatment than other bags of similar size and shape. It is worth the little extra effort on your part to mark your bag and also allow those at check in to know your bag is a little "special" with one of these labels. One label could save you time, money and headache.

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