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Colorado's Historic Hot Springs Loop

Wanting to see Colorado a bit differently? Why not indulge yourself with a Hot Spring. Once said to have healing effects, the hot springs of Colorado have been flocked to for generations as their calming thermal waters have allowed people to cast aside their stresses and strains and enjoy a retreat away from it all.

Now days many of these springs are not as primitive and in fact can account for an almost spa like zen, however if you are one to want a more rustic approach to relaxing the state of Colorado has you covered there as well.

Did you know there are over 30 Hot Springs in Colorado??

Hot Springs in fact became so popular that there was an unofficial list which circulated for many years, this list becoming such a phenomenon that the state of Colorado’s tourism opted to finally create an entire guide to what has been named the “Historic Hot Spring Loop”. While only 8 of the state’s many springs are featured on this list, these are some of the most well known and iconic as they make a large loop through the central region of Colorado.

This 720-mile loop showcases the primer hot springs attractions in the state, many offering majestic views, therapeutic spas, fine dinging and historic reference points within a stones throw of the springs themselves.

Steamboat Springs

The northern most location on the loop this location is one the entire family will enjoy as it has been transformed into a modern aquatic center with slides at the Old Town Hot Springs.

The area plays host to such evens as rodeos, hot air balloon festivals and musical showcases and leaves the western setting a top not only the loop but also the list of many travelers.

If you are wanting to be a bit more rustic in setting a view of the wilderness from the Strawberry Park Hot Spring might be just what you are looking for as you relax with views of the not so distant Rocky Mountains within your grasp.

Chaffee County Springs

This county is packed full of options when it comes to finding the perfect springs. Visiting the communities of Buena Vista, Nathrop and Salida you can find many pools located just off the Chalk River. If you are looking for the feeling of luxury you might check into one of the resorts open in this region which offer pools for soaking. Also in the area you will find the Salida Hot Spring Aquatic Center, one of the largest indoor hot spring pools in the country.

Additionally in this area there are many historic springs such as the Historic Cottonwood Hot Spring which first opened in 1878 and remains to be one of the favorites amongst enthusiasts which crave the sense of nostalgia.

Pagosa Springs

If you are looking to visit the deepest recorded Hot Spring in the world, look no further than Pagosa Springs. With overlooks alongside the San Juan River this location is quite breathtaking no matter the weather outside.

There are several resorts in this area offering luxury soaking experience but also if you are willing to adventure just south of town there are a few more remote pools. To reach these springs you must hike in but for those up for an adventure, the option of being removed from others and in the natural wonders can offer the perfect retreat.

Ouray And Ridgeway

Known as the “Little Switzerland of America” Ouray is also the Jeeping Capitol of the World. It might be surprising with that title that it is also know for its relaxation which stems from the Hot Springs.

In this area the springs are completely odorless and sulfur free, not all in the area can say the same. If you are one to enjoy an upscale experience you have options here however if you are on a budget you too can enjoy the springs at one of the many lodges which offer mineral pools.

Something which does set this area apart from others however is their open promotion of their au natural private pools. While at many Hot Springs you will notice people enjoying the springs in the buff, it is often not discussed or promoted. But here because they do have private soaking pools they do openly welcome.

Glenwood Springs

This community is founded on the many resorts which share the Hot Springs with the world. Glenwood Hot Spring is known to be the world’s largest mineral hot spring pool, while Yampah offers a rare naturally occurring underground steam bath.

As you can imagine with these unique features this community, located just a few hours from Denver has had people flocking here for years and has made itself known world wide amongst Hot Springs.


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