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How To Overcome Pressure Changes When Flying

How often have you flown and had your ears pop as the plane climbs in altitude, pressurizes and then decends again?? It is perhaps one of the most strange feelings and often times can be a point of anxiety for those already a bit timid of flying. However did you know that there are a few things which you can do to eliminate this point of anxiety???

First off let’s discuss why exactly this feeling of pressure occurs.

The science behind this issue is pretty simple:

As the plan acends or depends the air pressure around you is changing rapidly because of your speed and altitude. Your ears on the other hand are not able to process this rapid change in the same way because the air and pressure is trapped inside your body. This creates a feeling of pressure similar to that of water in your ears at the pool. If you are sleeping when the plane is taking off or landing this can intensify this and even lead to dizziness upon your waking.

Now the solution:

To alleviate the pressure of the surroundings you can attempt to inhale or exhale in a pattern which allows you to fully take a breath into your stomach and then exhale. But if patterned breathing exercises don’t do the trick you can try yawning which opens the passages and canals uniquely. This will allow your body to absorb the impact of the changing pressure and can allow your ears to pop similarly to that of you driving from the flatlands to the mountains.

But one other method really, in my opinion is the best solution. Chewing gum! It goes against all the rules of being in a public space sure but chewing gum can allow your body to transition from altitude and pressure zones with ease. It is the least abrasive feeling on the ears and actually can create a much quicker adaption for the body than other methods.

Other tips for allowing your body to fly with less feelings of pressure and stress include:

  • Accepting the free beverage when offered and then requesting water or juice which are more likely to keep your body hydrated and free of bloat or gasses which can create further discomfort.

  • Having a healthy snack on the plane instead of a salty one. Your body’s ability to fully understand the salt of a food is skewed when under cabin pressure this can lead you to not feel satisfied and consumer more which can result in over saturation of sodium or sugar and create feelings of discomfort.

  • Try not to sleep during landing or take off. When you do this you are more likely to experience jet lag, ear ringing and discomfort as a result of the pressure. You can nap once in the air but try not to go to sleep before cruising altitude.

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