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John Denver Sanctuary: Aspens Tribute To Famous Resident

Nestled in the heart of Aspen, Colorado, the John Denver Sanctuary is a picturesque look at the Rocky Mountains. With views throughout the park highlighting the natural wonders of the area including flowing waters, intentional planting and wetlands, the park offers a peaceful retreat for all those wanting to unwind and unplug for a moment while visiting.

But far beyond the beautiful views, the sanctuary honors the legacy of John Denver. Though he is not buried in this location, John often referred to the Aspen area as his retreat . He enjoyed his time in the area and with that the community fully embraced his presence. Though while in Aspen, John was in the peak of his career, he walked about Aspen as an every day person, enjoying the simple things that the community has to offer. It was here that he was said to have drawn inspiration.

Walking through the Sanctuary in present day, you find some of Denver’s lyrics etched stones lining broad pathways. You can roam throughout these and find some of your favorites alongside other famous quotes of inspiration.

Every October, the sanctuary becomes the home of a large gathering of Denver fans which converge to honor his legacy and music on the date of his passing. It is a surreal feeling to walk amongst the sanctuary on this day. The already unique story unfolding around you through lyrics and tranquility echoes the sentiments of his works evermore so on these days as the sounds of his music can be heard playing along with the walks and stories are told by those who have followed his career for many years.

While there is no admission to visit the John Denver Sanctuary, parking can be a slightly different story. To access the area there is a small parking fee in most areas nearest to the park. However you can also take advantage of one of the free parking lots in Aspen and take their public transportation to enjoy this and other features of the community.


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