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The MUST HAVE Camping App

When selecting a campground, options are numerous. Especially coming from another state where familiarity is less you want to focus on the amenities available and how the benefits of a stay will impact your quality of stay. Research can be one of the more important aspects of a visit to an out of state campground.

I personally have found it important to utilize resources which allow me to find out not only general details about camping stay but also amenities, views and actual reviews by other campers which hold similar interest. For this reason I turn to places like The Dyrt for advice on planning my travels.

As someone who travels many months out of the year, I find myself turning to the website and app frequently and with that I am able to locate locations which appeal to me through a range of criteria including price, type of stay and activities which can be found nearby. Through the newest release of forums and the PRO feature I can also utilize offline maps and further communicate with those in my community of travelers on a wide variety of topics.

I stumbled upon the site initially when traveling through Tennessee. Searching for a campground with availability for tent camping near the Smoky Mountains, I was growing frustrated as winding roads, would lead me to closed campgrounds, campgrounds would be listed and only offer RV accommodations or price points would soar into the $40 to $50 range for a single night in a primitive site.

Night was falling fast, and I was growing weary, thinking I was going to have to settle for a night of car camping in some random parking lot due to my lack of results. Instead I took a moment and did an app search for sites with camping. It was here I found the Dyrt and noticed it had great reviews from users and thought I would give it a shot.

Within only a few moments of downloading the app, I had found an array of campsites which I hadn’t seen on any other site and could geolocate them based on my own position to find which would be easiest to access, directions for how to get there and clickable reviews and photos from other campers to assure that my needs were addressed within the sites.

It was nice to have found a resource where I could have real feedback from others in regards to amenities, likes and dislikes and additional activities which I might consider of interest within driving distance. Before I knew it I was on my way to a reasonably priced campsite where tent campers were welcomed only a few miles outside of the Smoky Mountain National Park.

I continued to use the app throughout the remainder of my trip and found sites in remote areas and cities alike, had tips from other campers in regards to calling ahead for booking on some sites, stumbled upon some great off grid sites which campers had added to the app for others to enjoy and started adding reviews of the places I was staying for others as well.

Camping isn’t supposed be hard it is supposed to be fun and I feel like the discovery of this app was a game changer for my out of state travel. I would definitely recommend this as one of the more important apps you can download when preparing for your next adventures!

For more information about all the places I have visited make sure to check out the NEW Interactive Map Feature HERE


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