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I am bunny and I live life one adventure at a time.   what started as a bucket list trip turned into a lifestyle.
now I am here to share my adventures with you as I challenge you to live life fully and take on the world one day at time.   it isn't always the big trips that make the most impact, nor is it the amount of money you spend, rather it is the quality of experience and how you can enjoy the simplicity life has to offer when you go beyond the norm.

I juggle urban adventures with time in the great outdoors finding ways to heighten my awareness of all that exists when you simply allow yourself to take a step, pack a bag and go!

I started out traveling on short trips tent camping around the country and now travel about 75% of the year in my converted tiny 2020 NV 200.   You can travel many ways and the vessel is only part of the adventure!  I share tips for those hitting the road, product reviews, locations, and more on this page!!

come with me for one wild travel adventure!!

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