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Mammoth National Monument - Waco, TX

One of the things which makes Texas so great is the ability to at any time find a world of adventure right in your backyard. With a simple drive up any one of our highways your are opened up to a plethora of exciting options for family friendly days of fun in the sun.

For our family like many, we enjoy the opportunity to travel within our state and enjoy all that the it has to offer. Today was one such adventure as we loaded up and took the 2 hour trip to Waco. We indulged our day with museums and monuments (others which will be featured in a later blog). But our focus of the day was a little gem located about 95 miles south of Dallas along I-35, Mammoth National Monument.

We found out that all mammoths weren’t all so wooly and in fact they much resemble our modern day elephant instead of all those cave dwelling creatures we had always learned about in science class. As one of only 7 mammoth sites in the United States, this site actually has become the most renowned for its mass discovery of the Columbian Mammoth.

Some 16 mammoths were discovered here proving many theories of herding amongst scientist while also uncovering the resounding and unique truths about their males and females not coexisting within these herds.

You could spend a very long time at the site, listening to the tour guides tell the stories of the dig site as well as the theories of the mammoth herds. We spent about an hour and a half there between the walk down the short path and the actual dig site itself.

I would suggest wearing a decent pair of tennis shoes for the slight walk and on a warm day carry a water bottle down (though you cannot carry it into the site itself). Larger groups within the site do make it a little harder to hear guides so if possible stand closer to the guide if you are harder of hearing. The site is fully accessible to those of all ages and is only $5 for adults, $3 for those K-6 and $4 for 7-college, seniors and military each receive a discount and teachers bringing their teaching credentials are free.

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