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Tip Of The Day: Preparedness

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Everyone needs guidance, and when planning a lengthy or short journey sometimes just being prepared is an asset toward being able to get the most bang for your trip. Over-scheduling can be an issue, but if you allow yourself the knowledge of those things surrounding you without fully mapping out each and every hour it allows you to have the flexibility you need.

I personally found that by mapping out the things of interest it allowed me to follow up a bit more on each so as to better prepare myself for what would be required including fees, attire or even supplies in some cases. Not to mention with a travel companion it makes it easier for allowing them to share in the knowledge of just how much the journey will cost.

Why not make a list on your phone or computer? Well while these are great ways to keep up with things, some areas might make using these devices less simplistic. Power constraints or lack of wifi can make it harder to pull something up quickly as opposed to just opening your little notebook and knowing what is around you based on your research . Not to mention you have a hard copy of any possible confirmation numbers or special instructions that you might have not saved to your phone.

The main thing is have fun along your journey, otherwise why are you going? Making a game plan is the easiest way to stay on a budget and remain safe along the way. You don’t have to go bullet point to bullet point, but instead can select which works best for you and your constraints.

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