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Weird Roadside: Arkansas

When passing through Highway 23 in Arkansas, just outside of Eureka Springs, I recall a placed called Abundant Memories. Here you could go and see a mountain village and learn of the days of old. Much to my surprise the once rustic, village which painted the tale of a typical frontier family has long since passed just as the age for which it depicted, however something else had emerged just across the winding roadside.

J.D. and Cathy Harris have found their home to be quite the tourist destination as roadside spectators stop and look on at the odd rooftops, stained glass windows and sculptures which are scattered throughout their lawn. It is something which whimsically will remind you of a hobbit village as items are unconventionally used to created buildings which are nothing shot of amazing.

There is a private residence as well as a studio which is open to the public. Inside the studio is a variety of items including sculptures and designs which reflect the creativity of their designers.

It is a stop well worth making alongside the mountain passageways in the Ozarks where everything is mellow and the Harris' believe in just going with the flow and creating.

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