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Tip Of The Day: Charging Your Devices

When traveling, a major misstep of many adventurers is not being prepared for all scenarios. Upon researching many of the local campsites we quickly realized, many modern conveniences are not available for primitive tent camping sites.

As a result, I quickly began exploring options for how to power all of our devices along the way so as to not miss any of the vast photo opportunities around every corner of this amazing earth. Learning more about all options for charging devices such as cameras, phones and even laptops was a must gearing up for the 3000 mile journey in coming weeks.

I found that a multi charger is a much coveted camping item amongst many other adventurers so after much research I settled on what I felt like a perfect option for myself and my travel companions alike.

Never forget, planning in advance is a must when taking on a trip especially with friends so always think ahead!

Happy Travels!!

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