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Chaco Culture Campground Review

When driving to the Chaco Culture Campground one can forget that long ago without the convenience of cars people moved from place to place without stops along the way.   A trip down the 23 mile desolate road into the canyons will take you back in time as you witness the native culture unfold before your eyes and the road opens up into the canyons surrounding the Campground.  

We were taken aback by the beauty of the grounds as we pulled in late in the day.  The hint of clouds in the sky warned of possible rain and the campground host echoed the chances as we checked in for the night.  

The host was a warm welcoming face which was a precursor for all that was to come as everyone in the campground seemed to be just as friendly.

We received not only a map of the grounds but also information about hiking locations and were able to establish our plan for the following day with these materials.  

Setting up the camp pads were large and nestled directly by the canyon walls, making for an amazing view for the night.  Campsites were placed with enough distance for privacy and located a slight path walk from the parking area making for a more natural habitat. Birds could be heard echoing throughout the canyon and it was a serene location for a perfect night.

The site was a more primitive site for all campers.  While there were flushing toilets there was no drinkable water or showers.  We advise bringing water along for the trip as well as wet wipes so you can clean your hands and face from the sand.

Nightfall was profound in the location as it was very peaceful.  Mid evening the skies opened up and a drizzle began which lowered temperatures.  

The conditions did not make for dull spirits at the campgrounds however, everyone was just as friendly when we were packing up as when we had arrived. A great community feeling at his campground!

The only negative we truly experienced was upon leaving.  Roads are unpaved and become very slick when any rain is present.   Though the rain had not been harsh the road in several areas was near impassable.  There are signs warning of this as you enter the park turn off however.

For those who must be plugged in at all times, this location is off grid so cell phones are obsolete.  Payphones however are available on the premises.   a booster is also available in the visitor center for Verizon and T-Mobile service. 

I do advise getting gas before heading out along the turn off point as there are no gas stations inside the area.  Round trip will be nearly 40 miles and always better safe than sorry.  


This campground we give a 5 of 5 Bunnies!  We will be sure to go back!! 

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