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Miramar Fish Tacos & Beer Food Review

When traveling I will always encourage people to try the local cuisine and enjoy the freshness of local flavors.   Highly recommended by locals this place was a must try as we passed through Oceanside, CA.

Boasting an extensive menu of seafood options all made to order it was hard to decide what to try so we gave several options a shot!

I chose the Chipotle and Malibu Shrimp and Smoked Tuna Tacos while Pam tried the Mahi Mahi Taco and Shrimp Quesadilla.  We also opted to try the Guacamole.

While food does take a while to come to the table the Guacamole appetizer arrived quickly and was very fresh and rich in texture and flavor.  It was a larger consistency in the blend and limes were served separately.

Upon arrival unfortunately Pam's portion was delivered incorrectly, a minor set back but considering how long it was taking for service at the busy spot, it became an obstacle.   The portion of hers that was correct was left tableside while the remainder returned to the kitchen to be redelivered correctly some near 20 minutes later.

While delicious by that time it was near impossible to eat the remainder as it had allowed to much time for more chips and tea so a to go was essential.

My food had been delivered correctly and I must say was phenomenal. The freshness echoed in each scrumptious bite.  The Chipotle Shrimp was my personal favorite and if given the opportunity I would have bottled that sauce and taken it home with me.

All in all the meal was amazing, the only issue seemed to be in that there were to few servers with it being such a busy spot.  We were there nearly 2 hours with the miscue on the order and while the flavors were amazing it did put us late to get on the road to our next destination.


While flavors alone would give this place 5 of 5 Bunnies.  The unfortunate nature of the missed order and the time frame it took to receive our completed order and check pulled it down.   We would for sure go back again and just hope for a bit quicker service.  

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