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Bear Canyon Trailhead

I have to admit today I was sluggish, the thought of hiking seemed a little difficult for me and I wasn't entirely excited.   But Pam convinced me to give it a shot.   

We drove at the recommendation of a local out to Bear Canyon Trailhead and geared up for a warm 8.2 miles.   The only feedback I had on this trail was that it was a moderate hike and had 7 beautiful waterfalls along the way.

As we prepared to go down the path it was not very clear if we were in fact going in the right direction.   I enjoy a good hike but getting lost in the desert during one of the warmest times of the day doesn't even sound appealing to me.   

We pressed on and came to a rocky pass which I must say was beautiful. The ridge was surrounded by towering cacti and a gentle spring flowed down the granite- like rocks.  It was peaceful and serene.

Pushing forward the path. Evans even more muddled and made me hesitant to press onward.  Arizona has a plethora of venemous snakes which thrive in rocky areas and as we were wandering around on the slick rocky surfaces I began to get more and more leary.

We had made it only about a mile in and I was ready to turn back as vegetation began to co sums the path and rocks adorned the areas that we were walking.  Signs had notes stay on path but paths seemed to disappear into the wilderness or lead astray and so it wasn't an adventure I was prepared to take on.

Sometimes even the best ideas end up being derailed and I must say I derailed this one because of the risk.  

It was almost fitting with this adventure that I stabbed a cactus barb into my foot on the way out, I took it as a sign that not all adventures are meant to be!  

Still along the way beautiful views and had the paths been more clearly makes it would have been quite the adventure! 

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