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Casa Valencia Food Review

When in Tucson we wanted to see what possibly could set our tastebuds on fire and locals seemed to suggest Casa Valencia for their seafood selections with a unique flair. Only a short drive from our Campground we pulled up a little after the typical lunch rush and were quickly seated. It takes a little getting used to that most sweet teas we have found in the southwestern states are not our typical southern sweet teas. Instead they are infused with fruit flavors. We ordered strawberry teas and upon delivery they were accompanied by our chips and salsa. The salsa had a very unique flavor resembling a typical salsa texture with more of a marinara flavor. Adding a splash of key lime changes the entire flavor profile revealing more of what we from Texas think of in Tex-Mex flavors Were ordered Quesadilla and a Shrimp Culichi. Wait was very short and plates were large. It was fairly odd to see this particular sort of food not served with beans and rice sides. Instead a light flavorful salad accompanied the Quesadilla. Accompanying the Shrimp Culichi was a salad, French fries and rice. Odd indeed, but very flavorful. The Shrimp were large and plentiful and the sauce had a creamy rich texture which made for a very filling meal. 🐰🐰🐰🐰⚪️ We give it 4 of 5 Bunnies because of pricepoint. While filling and flavorful, the per plate cost was a bit more than other comparable restaurants and drinks were $3.00 each which is well above market at typical dinner setting in similar restaurants.  

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