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White's City RV and Campground Review

When looking for a campground close to Carlsbad Caverns, the most recommended for proximity happens to be that of White's City RV and Campground.  Only a short 7 miles from the visitors center and only a few hundred yards from the main entrance, the campsite offers over 200 camping zones for those coming to the area.

We arrived late afternoon to the site and noticed a large quantity of rv campers but very few tents on premise.   In fact only a single tent camper was on site at the time of arrival.  

We searched for the check in and were a bit baffled as to where to stop as no clear registration was marked.   Instead we stopped and asked someone on site in the RV area and they were very welcoming and informative.

For those camping, arrival check ins are at the local gift shop about a block away, the sleepy town closes by 6 p.m. however so if you arrive past this time you are forwarded to a local hotel for check in.  

After overcoming the confusion we were finally able to start unpacking.   Due to it being early in season, we were able to pick our campsite and settle in without any issues.

Campsites are all equipped with a picnic table and fire ring area and a light shade cover.  Water hook ups are on hand and the camp keeps a camping hose accessible to all for extinguishing camp fires at night.

We noticed upon our arrival and throughout the evening a plethora of native Bunnies grazing which made for a pleasant atmosphere of bringing nature to our camp.

The camping facilities were grassy and softer than many other sites we had visited along our journey.   A nice shade tree made for a great block to the early morning rays.  

Our only areas which we noticed could be improved were in the bathrooms as we noted a lack of recent maintenance and lights needing to be changed to improve brightness in the mirror and sink area.  Also the showers were a bit of a question mark for us as they closely resembled indoor beach showers and had no doors. 

During our stay we were the only ones using the facilities so we had plenty of privacy, however during busy season this shower could pose an issue for campers.  We recommend the buddy system during busy season here so someone can either hold a towel for a make shift door or be a look out for additional guests coming in.


Overall this campground gets 3 of 5 Bunnies, in major part because of the bathroom facilities.  However we do also have to consider the confusion with check in.  We suggest doing a call reservation with payment to avoid having to check multiple facilities just to check in!

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