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The Goal Of My Journey

So many people have a dream they never take the time to make happen. They feel stifled by life and what is expected and take no time to step outside of the box to really take inventory of what they do and do not need and miss out on all they could have while trying to achieve some unrealistic standard of what they think they are required to do.

To often financial gain and artificial things cloud their mind and block them from the experiences around them. For this reason I started the blog. I grew tired of seeing people in my age worry about the next big thing and not just live in the moments around them. I wanted to see people enjoy experiences not things. Sure, stuff is nice to have and I am the first to admit I have more than my share of it, but there is something so rewarding about doing things out of your norm that mere things cannot afford.

I feel like sometimes we spend so much time trying to focus on what society tells us to be that we forget to be the one thing we all deserve, that is happy.

We paint all these pictures of what we feel like happy looks like, many times involving popularity or artificial items. But we still never truly feel the fulfillment that comes from genuine happiness. We crowd our closets, we buy bigger cars, we go out to be around others and still it isn’t these things which bring us true joy or bliss.

I by no means am saying give up a nice job and move toward being a hippie. What I am saying is seek happiness in things you do not things you have.

Take the trip, allow yourself to fulfill your bucketlist and don’t wait til your are old to do so. Getting out of the house and just going instead of wishing your could, its all worth it. Life is so short, and as cliché as it sounds if you don’t live today you might not have an opportunity to do so tomorrow.

This is my goal, to live.

So many in my age range feel like true happiness has to be an elaborate trip which is costly, but that is so untrue. It merely takes loading up with friends and going to a destination to which you can be yourself and enjoy things around you.

My journeys aren’t about how flashy I can be, but instead how much adventure and experience I can cram into a single week with friends. My journey is more about life and expression than anything. It takes thinking outside of the box to do something exceptional.

This is my journey and goal…

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