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Cushion Coins:  Turn Simple Change Into An Adventure

Everyone has had that moment when they lose the remote in the couch only to realize they have an assortment of spare change hoarded back for a rainy day without even knowing it.  But what dots most don't then connect is that this simple pocket change can then fund an adventure.   

So say you shuffle through and pull out a whopping $3....

That is exactly what I started with on my way to proving just how far a budget truly could stretch with a little imagination and initiative. 

The key is thinking outside of the box!  Don't think big things far away instead think local.  Through the internet you can find a variety of listings for nearby events, museums and festivals which do not charge.  Finding these is key to planning something fun with so little.  

I went online and found museums in my area charge very little and in some cases nothing at all.  Another thing to look into is colleges near you which provide facilities for art and production, many times these are offered at no charge to view.  Numerous major facilities feature specialties days with discounted admission or free admission for promotion purposes.

The world really is your playground when looking for adventure on a budget.  So instead of taking a day off and sitting in front of your television try something new and explore your city or one near you.   You never know what kind of adventure might be in your backyard! 

I do hope you will enjoy the video and see exactly what all I found along the way while traveling locally to Wichita Falls, TX approximately 55 miles from where I live....pretty interesting to say the least!


Stop 1 - Wichita Falls Museum of Art

Here I was greeted by an array of ducks before entering, a little or a precursor to the amazing exhibit on birds within.   Was it planned?  No, there is a beautiful and peaceful canal just in front of the museum the ducks have made their home, so they were just the natural greeters paid in crumbs of course.   

Art is subjective so placing an allowed time on this is difficult as each person takes time to enjoy art differently.   I would allow for at least an hour to be on the safe side and depending on who is available on staff you just might catch a few special words of wisdom of just what brought the exhibits to the Wichita Falls area.  

If you decide to truly be on a budget and pack a lunch to save additional funds, this is  a perfect location to enjoy a relaxing and uninterrupted time of peaceful reflection over your meal.  I would just recommend using the benches and tables a bit away from the waterline if you don't want the ducks to make their way to you and ask for your left overs.

Stop 2 - Museum of North Texas History

Don't be deterred when you see the signs saying "ring the bell" I was told this is only because of limited staff, but someone is always there to help you.   When you enter they have a variety of exhibits ranging from ranching and farming to military, no surprise with the Air Force base making its home in the area and holding a rich history within the community.

I was impressed with the overall collections because they were unique to the area, many items donated from residents and their families over the years.   Its interesting to see a museum which shows the local contribution to so many things.   

The staff was friendly and I greatly enjoyed chatting with them about not only the museum but also a variety of other topics of interest while there.   They were a great resource of knowledge so I would highly recommend making the time to chat with them while visiting.

Stop 3 - Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

The last of my stops, I was quite excited to see what the hype was about, after being given an action figure with a tag granting free admission, never had a been much of a fan of the sport however I do find the theatrics kind of interesting.   

Upon arrival, I was drawn in by the radiating music and bright colors which really take you into the ring and create an atmosphere.   The upcoming weekend happened to be their annual induction ceremonies so staff was hard at work preparing for the big events but were very candid and helpful as I entered.   

I pretty much had the place to myself at the time I went so as I explored I noticed everything without being rushed.   Videos played throughout with interviews of unique wrestling greats, promo posters from past events and autographs adorned walls and costumes of many of the greats were displayed throughout.   It was fascinating to see this interesting part of history and the journey from its humble beginnings to the mega force it has become now commercially.

I'd recommend this one just to see something different if you aren't a die hard, it is very unique and even more so that it is something people travel from all over to see, yet in your own backyard.


Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fame - Wichita Falls, TX -  Admission $3.00

Located in Big Blue:  708 8th St - Wichita Falls, TX

Museum of North Texas History - Wichita Falls, TX -  Admission FREE

720 Indiana - Wichita Falls, TX

Wichita Falls Museum of Art - Wichita Falls, TX -  Admission FREE

2 Eureka Circle - Wichita Falls, TX

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