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Rocks So Amazing, Had To Show More....

They were so amazing I just had to do a second post about them, the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks.   Our trip here and the discussions that have followed, inspired me to post a little more information about the unique landmark in New Mexico.   

So many people have asked about the hike we took that day since it was a very challenging hike, over 60 flights of stairs registered on our step counters.    But despite the challenge, we had no prior hiking under out belts to condition us for the steep climb.   In fact, most people do not when they go for the first time.  It isn't something that is necessary, in fact the climb itself up the mountain isn’t terrible until the last mile.   It is at that point that you reach a series of switchbacks and stairs,  which are quite steep.  

We noticed along our trip that people of all ages were making the climb, but again I do not recommend this for small children because of slick rocks and steep ledges, which could prove quite dangerous for those that tend to wander.   We noticed younger power hikers who were there to get in and out quickly, some who hike the area often for exercise and others who were well into their twilight years enjoying the challenge. 

The surreal feeling of being amidst the mountains and the canyons is something that along all of our hikes was different than any other place.   By the end of our journey we had hiked ruins and canyons, trails and beaches and yet this stood out as its own unique feel because of the nature of the hike and its differing appearances.  

For those with a fear of heights this might not be the worst trip for them still as you can hike to different points and still have observation of the hoodoo formations from angles not limited to that of the top.   The slot canyon allows you to see the erosion of the mountains around you and the colors of the deposit of the different layers which created the formations.   If you are willing to hike upward a little, you can start to see the sheer beauty of the mountains around you. 

By just over the midway point, there is a nice area you can sit and look from above some of the cone shapes without having to take the more petrifying leap of faith by those afraid of heights, a 3 foot climbing ledge to the top.  For those unafraid, this hike will seem more moderate than difficult by far.  

Atop the highest peak, the wind on a blustery day can force you to sit to observe your viewpoint, but on a clear day you can walk to the very edge and peer over at the amazing creation of the valley and canyon below you. 

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Time stands still from atop the mountain and you will find yourself lost in your appreciation for the nature around you.

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