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Alien Sighting In Texas

Well before Roswell’s infamous cover up or Area 51’s illusive seclusion, in a quaint North Texas town of Aurora, something extra terrestrial was reported as an “alien invader” crashed at a local farm.  

It was April 17, 1897 and according to details reported on the date of the incident government officials were quick to the scene gathering evidence and materials of the fallen craft that had been reported to be hovering dangerously low and at speeds so slow no aircraft of the time could have managed.  

The wreckage occurred as the craft fell dangerously lower and lower before colliding with the Judge’s windmill and exploding.  It was decided at this time that though the pilot was disfigured by the collision, he could not have been of this planet and instead was noted by newspaper accounts to be a man from Mars. 

They honored the guest from another planet with a public burial at the local cemetery even being given the proper “Christian rites”.   It was then acknowledged instead of covered up and honored with a Texas Historical Marker.

Now all these years later, several have attempted to debunk the stories of the 1897 account including local residents, however no definitive evidence has been found to counter the activities of that day. 

The grave today sits deteriorated and the headstone has been stolen numerous times, making it near impossible for those not knowing its exact location to find.  But the mystery still remains and the historic marker makes it official that something odd took place at this location and has joined the history of Texas.

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