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Lawton's Museum of the Great Plains: Family Friendly Feasible Fun

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the days long since passed, when things were without electronics and far more simplistic? Have you thought about what it would be to have to create stories on hides or source a buffalo for all its parts just to survive? Or what would it be to live on the wilderness and rope and ride your way through the west?

If any of these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, then the Museum of the Great Plains in Lawton, Oklahoma might just be the place for you and your family to go and try a few of these things. The museum encompasses a fully interactive Western storefront with leather shops, a printing press and a general store or perhaps something more on the range is fancy. If that’s the case, rope cattle, create brands, live in a teepee or perhaps join a chuck wagon for the day.

The museum’s focus on displaying the people of the Great Plains shows great diversity to those visiting and allows them to embrace culture of the lands in a very unique way. In addition to historical interactive exhibits, there are exhibits, which focus on industry, growth, and those which have melded the lands of Southern Oklahoma. There also happens to be a very unique tornado exhibit that creates near in its entirety a realistic depiction of the events of one of the most well known days in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, Terrible Tuesday.

Specialty exhibits include the upper deck area filled with illusions, giant building blocks, a huge light bright and an experiment center for both wind and gears. Downstairs, for the time being there is a large interactive zone that includes one of my personal favorites, the packing tape tunnel, a tunnel designed in house to serve as an unconventional materials play center.

Outdoors, a historic fort stands tall telling the stories of what used to be with educational recreations. A old school house as well as train station stands boldly on the grounds as well as a historic farm equipment exhibit.

Plan on spending a few hours here as you take time to move both indoors and outdoors seeing and trying each exhibit. Staff is very open to answering any questions you might have about the exhibits throughout the center so feel free to ask without hesitation.

Cost: Adults $10; Children 3-12 $8; Children Under 3 FREE


  • Call ahead for outdoor exhibit recreations. Some days they do not feature these so if make sure to catch them when they are offering this service.

  • Military and Senior Discounts are offered so take advantage!

  • The museum does offer group rates when scheduled in advance, so call ahead and bring your classroom to life in a different way.

  • Wet your leather, if you are in the leather shop and there isn’t one of the many staff members on site, remember to wet your leather medallion before doing your leather work, results will be a lot more pleasing.


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