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A Simple Guide To Geocaching

What is geocache?

Geocache is like a modern day treasure hunt.  It combines the fun of the hunt with the unique GPS coordinates found on your cell phone.  Thought of by some as a game and a past time by others, each unique location is different from the last and contains treasures shared by each hunter stopping along the way.   To find these you log onto the geocache app and start to play by finding cache in your area on the location map, then simply follow the unique GPS location tag to this spot and follow clues toward finding your prize.

What treasure will you find?

As each location is different, those creating each are able to place an item of their choosing into their drop.   While some are as small as a toy or trinket, some will surprise those stopping in with much larger items.   

What do I do when I find a cache?

Most stops contain some kind of book to sign in and track who has been at the location.   Upon signing in, you are allowed to take one of the treasures in the cache and leave behind one of your own.   Keep in mind cache only works if you participate fully by leaving an item behind for the next person.

Is there a requirement for how many or how long I have to play?

No, not at all!  That is the beauty of geocache you can find one or one hundred depending on how long you would like to dedicate to your journey and adventure.  There are some groups which have formed online challenges and if you are really committed these are available for more fierce competitive fun, but for the casual cache seeker you can do so at your own convenience when and wherever you happen to be.

Best tips before heading out to geocache…

- Check on the cache log on the app before heading to a specific item, this will let you know if the item has been recently visited and if it is still active.   Those placing the cache are required to maintain or delist items after a certain point if they are rendered not visible or unavailable, this log will let you know every detail you need to know about finding your cache as well as helpful hints if it is a difficult one.

- Wear shoes that are appropriate for the cache information provided for those you are seeking.   If your cache is more difficult or clues say it is in a rocky area avoid open toe shoes or sandals for these areas.

 - Remember to sign the book and also log your find on the app.   This allows people to know who is finding their special treats and keeps the game alive!

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