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Summer Time Is For Traveling & Grilling: Viva La Grill Pack!!

Summer time travels can be hectic, planning ahead is the key to guarantee ideal conditions for your camping excursions.   But planning your trip doesn’t stop with merely packing a tent, you can instead save time and energy by preparing your grill friendly items before taking to the roads. 

By creating simple grill packs you can save time at your campsite for the real things you are wanting to focus on including having fun with friends and family.    But what is a grill pack you might ask?

Grill packs are simple meals including seasonal veggies, a protein of choice and seasonings placed in foil and ready to place on the grill for cooking.    Depending on the items in the packs, cook times can vary but typically by placing one of these on your flame be it gas, charcoal or campfire in approximately 20 to 30 minutes you have a meal ready to eat without having to chop a thing at your actual site.

These can be made for road trips or at home cooking and can be single servings or serving sizes for family style dining.

My suggestion when preparing is to include at least 3 seasonal veggies, which will add a lot of flavor but also the required nutrients you will need.    If taking these on the road, make sure to freeze before hand but allow spacing in foil for a pat of butter to be added before cooking.   You can freeze the packs with butter inside, however sometimes this creates slower cook times. 

These can also be made with fruits instead of vegetables and protein so it can accommodate your savory or sweet side and can be perfect for any desire.  The main thing to remember, is just enjoy creating different combos and find things which appeal to your taste buds!  Have fun with summer grilling and Viva la Grill Pack!!

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