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Our First Caching Experience

So many people ask me just what they can do on a budget with their kids during the summer break months.   This question has swirled around in my mind for weeks as I have been researching ideas that would not break the bank, especially for larger families.  One idea continued to come back time and time again which started to draw a lot of interest for me, GeoCaching!

I had heard of geocaching several years before, however I had never been.   Everyone raved about how much they enjoyed the treasure hunting aspect of the activity and so I started to look more and more into it only to discover there was no cost and only required a car in more remote areas and smart phone.

I downloaded the app and coaxed a friend into going with me on an adventure to try it out.  I picked up a few items that could be placed in the cache sites when we visited and from there we were off.

Having never been before, we both were anxious to find our first treasure.   We selected the location on our map and started our journey.  I must say, we picked the wrong starting place!   Our first cache was a difficult one that we never managed to find, but rather than getting discouraged we moved on to the second stop and with that found our first cache site.

There is something really rewarding about finding a cache!   The treasures people leave could be small and insignificant or much more profound, but it isn’t about what you find it is that you accomplished it!  It quickly became addicting and by the end of the day we had captured 7 sites on our app with a handful of treats to show for it. 

We now have a new thing to do when in need of an activity for sure!   Finding where some of the caches have come from and seeing how they have traveled from site to site, some over thousands of miles became intriguing.   And knowing now that sites are located worldwide it is the ultimate free game to play.

I would definitely suggest this activity to those looking for a fun family activity or someone seeking a little solo adventure.  No longer will it sit idle on a list of things I have heard about, I am now sold hook, line and sinker on geocaching!

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