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The Eye Of Texas Is Upon You

It was all a dream for artist, Tony Tasset as he decided to commission his first eyeball orb back in 2007.   It was only 7 feet tall and used his own eye as a reference point.   Little did he imagine at that time that this would turn into an obsession which would grow to a structure measuring 30 feet and three stories in height.  

From his humble sculptural beginnings in Missouri this larger piece was created in the city of Chicago and quickly became the phenomenon that we can now see in Dallas, Texas.  The current structure, Tasset himself did not construct, instead his idea was made real by a company which specializes in fiberglass production in Sparta, Wisconsin still the vision and legs behind this mammoth creation rests with Tasset’s original vision.

But will the 30 foot eyeball stop here?

Not if Tasset can help it.  He already has been said to be in the works of a 100 foot eye for his next project.

Until that construction is complete however, Dallas boasts the largest sculptural eyeball at the Joule Hotel on Main Street.

It is quite the spectacle I must say, as I have driven by it, the eye seems to hauntingly follow you down the road.    It towers over local eateries and though dwarfed by the skyscrapers around it, its size still taunts you with each step closer.    It has stood in Dallas as a fixture since 2013 when the Hotel added this art piece to its already unique collection.

Though you cannot walk directly up to the eye itself, construction around the facility has created a picturesque setting for roadside photos and onlookers to enjoy the creation without disrupting the facility itself.  

I arrived and many passers were snapping photos, having some of the most intriguing conversations about the art.   Tasset’s mission is complete indeed as this is one of the most engaging pieces in DFW.   Landing it as a must see on the Weird Roadside Wednesday.

Location:   1607 Main Street – Dallas, TX

Other Points Of Interest:  BIG Sign one block up on left, these are interactive pieces positioned throughout the city, great for a selfie

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