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Packing 101: WhatTo Pack In A Bathroom Bag For Camping

When preparing for a camping trip  one of the hardest things to wrap your head around can be packing properly for your adventure.    Many, like myself get hung up in the details and tend to over think things.   But after many adventures I have narrowed down to reduce the clutter of excess when packing for a trip.  

Packing your toiletries bag can be one of the most simplistic ways to save on space as you reduce the size of the contents and focus on the essentials.   Trading out larger sized bottles and containers for smaller ones can save weight and space in your adventure mobile while limiting your storage to a single makeup sized bag can keep your items together for quick trips to the facilities.  

For a full list, I have provided my quick and easy bathroom bag tips in the video.    If you master this, the rest just seems to fall into place!

Remember:  prioritize your things to eliminate non essential items in your bag.  Limit your size for your bathroom bag for quick grab and go access and take advantage of travel size items sold at most stores.

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