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Must Eat Food In Austin: Noble Sandwich Company

When making a trip to Austin, a stop Noble Sandwich Co is something I just can’t seem to pass up.    After seeing it on the Food Network it was one of those flavors I just couldn’t seem to live without trying at least once.   So my first trip a little over a year ago was nothing short of life changing in my food interests.  

Now each trip to Austin it seems to call my name with the fresh ingredients and flavorful meats.   Now with two locations in the Austin area, I know I am not the only one who happens to feel like this place seems to address all my food desires.  Since 2010 so many have graced the small eatery to enjoy the locally produced plates.   Nothing frozen, nothing coming from afar, instead one of the reasons it tastes so amazing happens to be the sustainability of the local goods that are used in both locations.  Even down to the last detail, from drinks to meats, everything seems to stem from the local economy to provide a fresh and amazing experience to each person passing through the doors.

But just what makes Noble Sandwich Company something that calls out to me so much?

Portions, flavor and uniqueness!   The Noble Sandwich Company leaves no stone unturned as they take experimental ingredients and a lot of pork belly and make a plate worthy of all Austin’s billing and accolades.

My personal favorite is the crowning glory sandwich on the menu, The Noble Pig.   A succulent melt in your mouth pairing of meats including pulled pork and spicy ham with provolone and, of course, bacon.  The flavor of the meat alone could rival any fine dining restaurants, however what sandwich is complete without bread, and the Noble Sandwich Company doesn’t just slap some generic white bread on this delectable treat, instead they have a selection of breads for your choosing, all locally sourced and fresh.   My personal favorite, the bacon bread.   Yes, you read that right, BACON bread!

Sides are served ranging from French fries and potato salad to brussel sprouts and slaws.   But again, don’t come to the Noble Sandwich Company and expect to find a generic side, each is instead a unique blend of the chef’s own secret ingredients and even a simple French fry isn’t just a fry it’s a carefully designed delight.

I had the potato salad; it is more of a home style large chunk style salad.   The sauce contains a hint of dill and makes for a fresh palate cleansing finish to the salad.   It isn’t for everyone who likes the typical country style bbq mushy salad, but instead is an elevated version of the at home favorite.  

All meals are served with the unique side of pickled veggies including celery and carrots which are a perfect little bite alongside any meal.  

The menu doesn’t stop with the Noble Pig however, also served are a variety of other exciting items from Knuckle Sandwiches to Rubens, Cubans or even a fresh Pimento Cheese.   And for those who are more interested in breakfast, the Noble Sandwich Company trades in bread for homemade biscuits and caters to those early risers as well with the same flair and excitement.

Overall on a scale of 5 bunnies, this one always will get a 5 in my book.   Portions are large and because of this they offer half sandwich options for those that can’t quite eat their weight in pork.    Sides are so unique and flavorful that they by far could be eaten as a meal in themselves.   And a little tip, try the 5-spice pudding it will change your life if visiting Austin!

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