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Padre Island's Ocean Treasures

If you have ever been to the beach, one of the things you almost have to do is build a sand castle.   I remember even attempting to build sand castles when I was younger near a lake, thinking it would have the same result.  It never really did but the attempt was always there just the same, though usually resulting in a big muddy mess that more closely resembled a mud pie.  

But on that rare occasion that someone like myself, land locked by life and location, makes it to the beach, it is almost a must to at least attempt to see if you can make a sustainable tower to meet this childhood craving for adventure.  

When traveling to Corpus Christi recently and Padre Island National Seashore, buckets and shovels in tow to do just that, along the roadside appeared something which would forever change the way I looked at sand castles.   Standing some 3 stories high, a mermaid atop a massive shell spilled water from her hands while nestled atop a giant Sand Castle.  

Of course I had to stop, making it this week’s Weird Roadside Wednesday.   Where else can you find an epic sand castle that fosters your craving to fulfill a childhood desire?    And while, it wasn’t entirely true to form in that it was actually sand, the appearance is such while driving by.

But what is this massive sand castle all about?   Well it is called Ocean Treasures and was commissioned by a local artist in his search to showcase the vast options of the beachside community.    It happens to be attached to one of the most extensive shops alongside the path to Padre Island National Seashore including everything from souvenirs to supplies.  

Tourists stop often at the store just for the photo opportunity of being next to giant seashells, dolphins or the giant sea turtle.    It potentially is one of the most frequented instagram stops along the stretch of highway and for sure one of the most entertaining art pieces on the island.  

Though it isn’t real sand, it is still worth a stop if traveling in the area.  Unlike anything you will ever find it is a unique Weird Roadside stop for the entire family to enjoy!

Address:  14049 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, TX

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