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Best Little Bakery In Texas

If you are passing through Texas it is hard to imagine a trip without a special stop off at the Czech Stop.   For those native to Texas we have been eating their goods for years every time we go down Interstate 35 from DFW toward Waco or beyond.   It is a stop which is a must for anyone though, not just Texans as the rich Czech heritage is served piping hot with every sweet that walks out the door.

Opened 24 hours a day, there is absolutely no way you can not stop in, it is the perfect rest and stretch location, has fuel and for those looking for a little snack for their journey, it has more than you could even imagine.

But just how popular is this little stop and why is it on my must stop list?  Well the proof is in the numbers, the weekly use numbers.   Catering to guests with some 7,531 pounds of flour, 2, 138 pounds of sugar and 208 dozen eggs per week you know they have to be doing something right.    But the list doesn’t stop there 574 pounds of hot sausage, 1, 756 pounds of regular sausage, 127 pound of pecans, 48 pound of peanuts, 679 gallons of milk, 1, 532 pound of cream cheese, 933 pounds of American Cheese, 808 pounds of shortening and 147 pounds of butter make this one of the best little bakeries in Texas as proven by so many consumers.

I have found that I cannot, and I repeat cannot, go without stopping here for a sausage roll (similar to a kolache) and if I am really hungry or know I won’t be stopping for a while, I make sure to either get a sweet treat or one of the many sandwiches they serve fresh from the deli.   

On the outside it looks like a simple gas station stop, but do not be fooled, the line out the door should tell you otherwise as it serves up a little piece of culture in each bite all in the tiny town of West, Texas.  Serving up treats for travelers and locals alike for now 33 years, even during times of crisis in the town, the services has continued.   It is a testament to the town and the never quit spirit always rolling their infamous foods out the door 7 days a week.

But what about the prices?  I always tend to focus on price for my budget trips  and this one hits the mark right on the head with reasonable prices from just over a dollar for individual snacks to whole pies for around $15.  And the menu in store is always evolving to reflect seasonal fruits or holiday favorites to accommodate every taste and request. 


  • Try at least one sweet and one savory item, you will never fully understand just how amazing West, Texas is until you have both.

  • Make sure they hear your name when you give it.   Each customer’s bag is labeled with their name for obvious reasons of them being very busy so make sure if it is chaotic to say your name clearly to prevent confusion at the register.

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