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Always Expect The Unexpected When Traveling

When preparing to travel no matter how much planning you put into things sometimes the one thing you can expect but not know how to account for is the unexpected.    Most of the time in travels there is something which can always be that factor of changing the course of your actions.

Be it weather, unknown road closures or in my recent case car issues something is always out there just waiting to happen.   The best thing you can do as a traveler is not allow it to discourage you and instead as the old phrase goes “make lemonade from lemons”.  

After returning from a trip, the last thing I was expecting was to be the girl sitting at home because of car issues.   Everything had been amazing on the previous trip in way of the car, nothing was in need of maintenance, then storms blew through our area and my luck changed as lightening struck on or near my car and completely changed everything.

Your adventure mobile is more than just a car to you, it is part of your journey so seeing that journey come to a halt is hard for sure.   But as I sat looking on at my car going to the shop for an extended time it was apparent that the adventures would have to take a back seat.

Finally the adventure car was back after over a month and I was prepared to get moving again with a journey to the beach, a perfect way to unwind from the stress of waiting for so long.   The car was packed and ready to go on the 8 hour trip and several test drives had been done as far as almost an hour away.   Nothing again could have prepared me for a routine stop to get ice and the car again acting up.   It was discouraging to say the least.

I could see the entire trip and all the planning slipping away, but as I was traveling with a family member we instead shifted our belongings into their car and the journey went forward.   Nothing could have prepared me for either issue, however when we rolled away that day in a different car, we overcame the unexpected and the adventure moved forward. 

Sometimes that is just how it works, when you aren’t thinking anything out of the ordinary will occur then that is when it does, but it is at that point that you truly start more than a vacation or trip and embark on an adventure, something challenging and to better you because you have overcome.

We ended up making it on our trip and enjoying the very things we would have if it had been in a different car.   The beach waited on us and didn’t fall off into the ocean just because we got a later start than we had expected and along the way we were able to have a bit of fun just the same.  Proof that the unexpected doesn’t have to mean the ending to your journey, instead it can just beginning to something better.

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