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The Big Prep Day - Eclipse Trip Part 2

Today is packing day before I depart tomorrow and this is the day which always seems to give me the most stress. It is the cusp of the adventure ahead and making sure everything is packed away is of the utmost importance. Every trip you know you will need the basics: tent, sleeping accommodations, clothing, toiletries and food of some sort. I personally prefer to have nonperishable items for food options so I can cook easily at my campsite rather than always having to find food at a restaurant or store. This saves vastly on my budget each trip but does require some planning in advance in way of cooking supplies. Everything seems to have a place in the car when you start packing and arranging, almost as though it is a perfectly constructed puzzle just waiting to be places together in the trunk. Remembering essentials such as a tire pump, jumper cables and gas can just seem to complete the task of being prepared.

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With everything all packed, errands run and a lot of anticipation for the upcoming journey, I feel as though this trip is going to be one of the greatest to date as I boldly branch out for the first time as a solo camper. More to come....

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