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Table Rock State Park Campground Review

With a vast number of campgrounds in the Branson, MO area it might be a difficult decision for a tent camper to make when it comes to selection, however upon my trip I decided to stick with what I have known to be well maintained and patrolled campsites for solo campers. State parks, much like National Parks tend to be popular places to stay in way of price point as well as quality of overall amenities. I elected Table Rock State Park for my two night stay in the region. However when I went to book online I was a bit discouraged by the booking system. Additional fees are charged for online reservations, typically something I avoid as an unnecessary up-charge to the camper. I instead went out on faith and drove to the campsite arriving around dusk on a busy Saturday.

The campgrounds offer two separate campgrounds during what is known to be the busy season, each offering their own unique set of amenities. Campground 1 features higher and lower amp electrical connections, popular with RV and tent campers. Campground 2 offers these as well but also primitive campsites at a much lower rate. Typically, I would elect for a primitive site because I have no need to use electricity. This trip, however, I did need a charging station for my devices and thus opted for electrical. The way site selection works is simple, you first drive to the campsites and look around for yellow vacancy signs. Once you have found the site you are interested in you grab the sign and take it to the office where they register that site to you for the evening. Even on the busy Saturday, late in the day, I was able to secure a site in a semi shaded area located just a short distance from the public use water spouts as well as bathroom and shower facilities. Prices were very reasonable as well $23 for my site (a higher voltage site I selected merely because of the neighbors and tree coverage), $21 for lower voltage and $13 for primitive. The site itself was a bit rocky, much like all others in Campground 1 appeared to be. I found my bed pad very useful in making this a suitable place in which to call home for the couple nights I was staying as even the small layer of cushion seemed to even out the texture of the ground below. Though rocky, I had no issues hammering in tent stakes and securing my tent. Each site in the area is equipped with a fire pit with a optional grill cover, picnic table and asphalt parking space large enough for an RV length rig. The area is well maintained and did not have scattered debris which made for a pleasant stay. The bathroom facilities on a busy day can get a little wet as the showers and bathrooms are located in the same room. They are typical of a state park offering changing rooms within the shower stall and limited counter space for morning prep. Showers offered both hot and cold water unlike some facilities I have stayed at which only offer cold. I did not see any outlets in this area for hairdryers or styling devices for women. Cell signal was good in the area for all those techies. I have AT&T and maintained 3 to 4 bars in all area except one in the park. Another nice feature of the campsite at Table Rock State Park is the access to both the lake and the trails. The campgrounds back right up to one of the longest trails in the park which runs along the lake from the Marina to the Dewey Short Center, a unique information and conservation type center great for all ages. 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰 Overall I give this Campground 5 of 5 Bunnies. The only negatives I found with this campground were not related to the site itself. I noticed much like many other sites sometimes people do not observe the quiet hours as they should especially when there are large groups. On the second night this was not an issue as many of those groups had vacated. Huge positives were location and something I have not mentioned, the staff! One in particular was of great assistance in my late arrival. If you happen to be checking in or calling for assistance make sure you speak to Lark, she was so helpful and patient despite my arriving shortly before close.

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