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Magellan Harper Hiking Boot Review

Before traveling to Colorado In October, I purchased a pair of hiking boots. Knowing that many of the places I would be going I would be requiring something more sturdy than a sneaker, the need was apparent for something with a thicker sole and more support for not only the foot but also the ankle.

After narrowing down my choices I settled on the Magellan Harper boot, found at Academy Sports and Outdoors. A neutral brown colored boot with a thick black sole, the shoe appeared to be a typical boot ideal for meeting my needs.

I wore the boot for a few days before departing to work it in and get a feel for the weight of the shoe on my foot. During this time I noticed that it seemed to have comfort and grip that would be a perfect match for my journey ahead. I experimented with different sock weights under the boot to get a feel for the various conditions.

I have now been using the boots for just over 3 months in a variety of conditions and hiking terrains and concluded the following:

Price Point - Ideal

Original purchase price was $39. I felt this was a fair starter price for a pair of boots and did not expect to much of the boots overall, however quickly found that the value was surpassed by the durability and comfort of the shoe itself.

Fit - Perfect

I tried on 2 different sizes before deciding on the one which worked best for me. Knowing that a boot needed to be supportive in the arch and give additional support on the heel and ball of the foot I concluded that these run true to size with a thick wool sock.


Waterproof -

I have hiked through snow and water alike and the boot has yet to leak or allow water to pass through in any way. My initial concern was the lacing area being prone to allowing water to access the foot, however this is not the case. Not only does my foot stay dry in these but also warm.

Strong Laces -

Many boots you find have laces that when tested begin to unravel or lose their tightness, however this boot has thus far held up to a lot of abuse on the laces. Though I have had a tangle with briars it did not unravel or start to become weak.

Reinforced Soles -

This feature is perhaps the most important of all the features of the boot, nothing can make a hike worse than a rock feeling like it is stabbing through the sole of your shoe and into your foot. With these thick soles not only has it safeguarded my foot from this issue but the grip of the sole is impeccable and has helped to anchor me on some of the more challenging portion os my hikes from novice trails to strenuous courses.

Insoles -

Many boots require an orthotic to create a comfortable pillow for your feet, however these provided support and comfort from the initial try on to the current day. I have yet to take these off and the bottom of my feet hurt from wear. Typically any foot pain I have is from my own clumsy ways (aka kicking a rock because I wasn’t paying attention)

Overall I would give these a 4.5 of 5 Bunnies. If there was a reinforced toe these boots would be perfect because then it would allow for my clumsy self to not feel pain in those occasions. However, as is I feel like the weight of the boot along with the features is a perfect fit. The durability of the boot has proven to be outstanding in am nay challenges and continues to prove the value of the shoe is far surpassed by the benefits which it has provided.


Also Check Out Full Video Of Boot Selection:

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