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Travel Testing The Five Ten Mid Hiking Shoe Thanks To REI & The Dyrt

As a part of a program I belong to in conjunction with the website The Dyrt, where I serve as a Ranger, sometimes I am sent items to test along my many travels. Not long ago I was sent a pair of Five Ten Hiking Boots from Dyrt Sponsor REI. I took these with me on my most recent journey and gave them the official test over a series of stops spanning 3 weeks which included some pretty intense hiking.

Shoe Information & Specs:

  • Name: Five Ten Camp Four Mid Hiking Shoe

  • Retail Price Through REI: $165.00 Regular Currently On Sale For Through REI Outlet $81.73

  • Size: 8

  • Color: Sky Blue (Also available in grey)

  • Weight: 15.7 ounces

  • Shoe is a product of ADIDAS

Shipping Information:

When I received the order information it was only about 3 days before the boots themselves were delivered to my doorstep. They arrived in a plain White REI shipping bag with the box inside. The shoe box was neatly packed with paper separating each boot from one another and tissue in the toe box to assure it was not damaged in transit. This package arrived by FEDEX.

First Impressions:

Upon opening the box I was excited to see the color was true to its appearance online and very bold almost robins egg blue in color. The sole was thick and knobby and looked like it could handle much of the terrain I would face on any hikes. The ankle padding was thick but flexible and the shoe itself was light.

After removing it from the box and trying it on for the first time it was very comfortable on the foot both on the top lacing area and the arch and ball of my foot. It felt like memory foam and quickly contoured to my foot making for a very comfortable step. The size 8 I was initially a bit concerned with getting because of some other review of other Five Ten items however it fit perfectly. I typically wear a size 7.5 in a regular shoe but always scale up half a size for hiking boots because of thick socks and this one fit just like a glove with my wool socks and did not allow slippage nor did it feel like the toe box was crowded.

Field Testing:

Now I have learned over the years of trying new things that you can sometimes really love something and then when you start using them find they don’t live up to the hype you initially felt for them. I would not review these boots until I had several substantials days of hiking under my belt for that very reason. I took them instead on a vast trip through not only the Smoky Mountains but also several additional hiking areas to get a true feel for them. I trekked over rough terrain, slick rocks, sandy trails and even on some regular every day asphalt and in the end after nearly 3 weeks of off and on testing I concluded that boots could keep up with my active lifestyle and remain very comfortable.

The first day of wear I felt they were a little slick to the bottom, but after roughing them up a bit they lost that feel of instability and were gripping onto rocks as I passed down steep embankments without issue. As I climbed upward on several trails even with small gravel beneath me and slick conditions the knobby soles were able to stabilize me and provided great support for my ankles along the way. I noticed that unlike some boots I have tried I don’t feel like I had toe crowding and slipping as I descended steep areas and when I removed my boots at the end of the day I didn’t have that sensation of tired feet from the abuse they took during this.

The one thing I will say that might not be the most positive was my fear of lack of waterproofing. No where in the material I read online for the boot did it mention it was waterproof and I did not fully test this in the chilly waters of the Smoky Mountains, because lets be honest who wants to trudge around in a frigid sock all day if it had not been. I made that judgement call on my own.


If I were to give the Five Ten Mid Hiking Shoe a rating from 1 to 5 I would give them a solid 4.5 because of their light weight and comfortable fit. The insole completely sold me on this shoe and provided such a Cadillac feel on the bumpy trails I traveled. For a shoe that has been discounted I see this boot as a complete steal for those purchasing and I was honored to have the luxury of testing them out.

Adidas as a parents company has a great series of products with this brand designed for the outdoor person who enjoys hiking, climbing or mountain biking. I didn’t quite know what to expect from this brand but taking a chance was well worth it and has opened my eye to new possibilities I didn’t know where out there.

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