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4 Important Self Care Reminders For Adventure

When we travel we so often get wrapped up in the details of the adventure that we neglect to remember the importance of self care along the way. While the term “self care” has such a broad meaning to so many, the term to me references the overall quality of life experience you can find through adventure and exploration, but at the same time keeping yourself in the best possible shape for the experience itself.

For this reason, I wanted to share my personal self care musts for not only products but also rules of thumb to remember along your adventure be it a short or lengthy one.

1 - Self Care Begins With Your State Of Mind

Often times the lead up to travel can quickly be derailed when we encounter hurdles which might skew us from the ideal departure, stay or plan. From cancelled or delayed flights, exuberant amounts of traffic or even something as small as forgetting a cell charger, we can flip the switch into an agitated state.

Self care is knowing how to roll with the punches and not allow these unexpected and unavoidable things to completely deter you from being able to relax and find joy in the remaining portions of your adventure.

On a personal level, I don't know how many times I have planned something one way only for it to take a turn and leave me at a cross roads between allowing it burden me or allowing myself to roll with it and find a new path toward achieving my goals. I have found especially in my road tripping lifestyle that many times it is more appropriate to expect the unexpected than to follow a blueprint of what I feel should be the course on any given trip.

Now keep in mind, I travel thousands of miles and months at a time in a car, so that leaves a lot of room for the unknown. I have had fender benders, arrived at locations on the one day of the week they happen to be closed, been days without cell service, encountered every form of possible bad weather and even slid down a mountain on one occasion. These incidents taught me I could get mad or I could work through and at the end of the day, nothing really positive comes from being mad at things I cannot control.

Self care begins with having the right frame of mind in all you do, but especially when you travel and adventure.

2 - Vacation In Itself Is A Form Of Self Care

So often in life we are stuck in an endless rut, never being able to escape and finding that the days quickly start to take their toll and blend together. It is not surprising that the vast majority of the population feels overworked and under-appreciated. That is why taking advantage of days off and vacation days is so important.

Simply by disconnecting from your daily norm and doing something for yourself and different you can alter your perspective and allow yourself freedom to release the stress and pressure built up in your daily life.

From a personal perspective I was for many years employed in management where there simply were no days off. Having this responsibility came at great cost and overall the income and the burden simply did not add up to the benefits it should have to give all my hours to a company. It began to take over my life and after several years I started to notice it even was effecting my health.

I had an opportunity to take a break from this and start a new path which was a lot work but more closely resembled a vacation to many than a desk job and with that though their were struggles my quality of life instantly began to change alongside my health.

Taking moments, getting away from the norm, it can change you and be of great benefit. While not everyone can become a travel blogger and be on a constant work vacation, you can take steps in your life when you are allowed these breaks and do new things, seek new views, leave your house and do something for yourself.

3 - Treat Yourself Don’t Cheat Yourself

When we adventure so often we limit our experience by fear of the unknown. I urge everyone to treat yourself to one thing on every trip which challenges you to do

something different.

Many people I know experience vacations of familiarity, in other words they do similar things on vacation that they could or would do in their own area. They might go to a club or go shopping in a different city. They might gamble on a larger scale or eat at similar restaurants to their norm. However vacation and adventure time is a time to try new things, live outside of your typical box and see the world uniquely.

If you typically scape by and manage to save up for a big vacation but you are still eating the same fast food when you are traveling as you have just up your own street, you are missing one of the elements of change which you could find joy in discovering. Do you have to go and splurge on a 5 star experience just because you are on vacation? No, but can you try something you might not have eaten before for the same price point? Yes!

The same applies for other aspects as well. If you typically stay in the city and you go to a new city but you limit your exploration to a chain bar you have in your own city, what is the fun in just sticking to familiarity. Try new places, new faces and new fun. You deserve it!! Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself!!

4 - Find Products Which Best Work With Your Adventure

Are you planning on going on an adventure to somewhere warm? What about somewhere cold? Are you going to only be inside or are you planning on being outside? These are all questions you should be asking yourself before you start packing. These are valid questions for determining just what you will need in way of skincare, gear, clothing, etc.

I have found that personally finding a good product which travels with me through a variety of different climates works best, because I typically am not locked into just one location. This means I typically have a personal bag with skincare including moisturizing face creams to both sooth and hydrate my skin and also sun care products which work in both warm and cold climates to really nourish the skin.

I always ask myself where am I going and think out the possibilities of my needs. For example when I am traveling during summer months I know I need to pack bug repellant no matter what my adventure happens to be. If on this trip I am going to a beach location I make sure to take a higher SPF and also aloe based after care lotions. I pack clothing for the location I am visiting.

Of course this will differ from location to location so asking yourself general questions before packing is key to finding your best products for your adventure. Be candid with yourself and plan in advance a little and you will not regret taking this moment to make sure you are caring for yourself in every way.


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