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5 Reasons A Pop-Up Tent Might Be The Right Fit For Your Travels

Does camping seem a bit overwhelming and like a complete foreign language? Are you intimidated by having to select items just for a trip which may or may not become a hobby? Is selecting a tent scary concept?

Don’t worry, these actually are common concerns amongst new adventurers! No one wants to spend a lot of money to equip themselves for something which might not become a habit and could end up in a yard sale or garage wasting away.

Many people are intimidated by tents which come in several pieces and create a puzzle of sorts that can be daunting. And with many tents having tight fitting poles the process of assembly, while it can be rewarding can also set the tone of frustration quickly on what should be your relaxing time away in nature.

I feel it had to be one of these frustrated people who created the pop-up tent, an option which takes the guess work out of your travels and offers a quick and easy set up to adventurers.

And while, like with everything there are few cons, the pros by far outweigh those for novice or solo travelers looking to get out into nature with little hassle stopping them from getting straight to the enjoyment.

1 - Easy Set Up

The first and for many only reason to use a pop-up tent is the less than 10 second set up. I know it seems as though this cannot be a real thing, but the simplicity of the set up is quite astonishing.

Steps for set up literally are as follows:

1 - Clear area of large sticks, branches or rocks which might poke you

2 - Unzip cover & remove

3 - Remove stabilizing elastic strap

4 - Throw or open in direction of campsite

5 - Position on tent pad or area

6 - Unzip door and fold back

7 - Place mattress or sleeping bag inside

While this might seem like a lengthy process the tent’s construction allows it to open quickly and fold fully into position upon release of the stabling elastic strap. The entire process takes less than 10 seconds for assembly. Followed by the placing of your items this process takes less than 3 minutes.

2 - Easy To Stow

The tent might be a large circle when folded and this could be a bit intimidating, however it can stow virtually anywhere. I personally like to place mine in the back of my closet or even under the bed. When folded and in its case the diameter of most 2-3 person pop-up tents might be 70 inches but they only are about 1.5 inches in depth so their footprint when under a bed or in a closet is relatively small.

3 - Price

In comparison to many pole set up tents, the cost is comparable. I currently have 3 tents, a large 6 man tent, a small 3 man tent and my pop-up 2 man tent, of these the pop up tent is similar in price point to the same size tent in a pole set up. The Vitchelo tent, priced at just under $60 is comparable to other tents of similar size and can be shipped quickly to your home from their online store.

4 - Versatility

Unlike many tents which provide obvious shade and shelter structures for travel, the Vitchelo pop-up tent and others provide a quick set up which can find its way into other aspects of life.

Need a shelter while at the beach which provides great ventilation on a hot day but allows you to read or rest in peace with ocean waves just a few feet away? Want a place to watch your child’s soccer game comfortably without having to erect an entire shade structure?

While these are two of the many uses you can find for your pop-up tent which might not suit a regular pole tent, there are countless other ways you can find additional value in this tent style.

When recently traveling to the White Sands of New Mexico to sand sled for the day, I found my pop-up tent to be the perfect get away from the sandy winds and harsh sun. Taking the tent with me allowed me to relax while eating my food without having to fight sands, gave me shade to relax but allowed me to open up the windows and feel the breezes from comfort when needing to relax.

5 - Easy Travel

Because of its near flat lay, the tent can easily be packed away and unlike many tents which never seem roll tightly back into their original casing, the pop-up tent is designed to fold over onto itself quickly.

I found that after 2 attempts of getting used to the fold, my pop-up tent became one of the fastest break down tents as well. I can have the entire tent back in the car within 2 minutes of collapse and it easily fits flat in my small car trunk or can be set in my back seat with ease.

While it does take up a bit more room when stowing in the back seat upright when traveling solo it is a quick and effective option if you will be moving to another site for a second camp and do not want to stow it under other gear.

Be you a novice camper, a backyard adventurer or a solo traveler a look into pop-up tents is well worth the time. As you explore the many options you can evolve your experience to suit your needs in way of size, materials and costs. The options are endless with a pop-up tent from overnight camping to day use something for everyone!


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