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Airbnb Changes Policies For Larger Groups

If you are a person who enjoys traveling with a larger group of friends, renting a house and making it your home base things might be changing in the future when it comes to many service based systems such as Airbnb.

Airbnb announced this week (August 20, 2020) that they will be making changes to their bookings and allowances in an attempt to curb large gatherings and party style houses in their system. This comes on the heels of many bookings in the past few months for what many would consider to be party houses, a rental which would be booked by a single or even a group and then flipped into a party at the location. While Covid concerns are still in question this can obviously lead to more than a few concerns for safety and the company announced it will be taking this seriously even imposing legal action when need be.

For those unaware of the services provided by Airbnb, it is an app based booking company for which those wanting to rent their homes or properties can connect with those wishing to find a location to rent while visiting a location. It provides a safe way for them to connect and offers both renters and those renting the property to each have a rating provided to them along with real consumer feedback before jumping into a property. Typically the properties offered on the app range from single rooms to large mansions or homes in some of the hottest and most coveted locations to visit. You can find unique locations such as tree houses, yurts and even beach front cabanas through their service.

This announcement might not impact the single traveler or even the average family, however for those which used the service for booking larger venues for getaways for their groups this will impact them dramatically. Family reunions at rental properties will also be affected when the group is larger. This will force larger groups to find two properties, pair down their expectations for attendance or even seek out private rental service all together.

Once again the folly of some seems to be trickling down to the every day user, and this only adding to the chaos of the world during the current time even further. While safety is their primary concern they did not release additional information as to this repealing following the pandemic, and instead implied it will be the new norm for the service.


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