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Dr Seuss Park In Texas

We all have a familiar childhood favorite we loved reading. Many of these memories carry with us into adulthood and when we catch a glimpse of the cover of some of the books at a store the memories flood in.

Do your memories stem back to a book by Dr. Seuss??

If they do then you might want to consider making a stop at Dr. Seuss Park in Abilene, Texas.

Installed between 2012 and 2013 six bronze sculptures by sculptor Leo Rijin brought to life Storybook Park in downtown. The park, which is already home to many popular favorites including the Man in the Moon and Mother Goose, welcomed the Cat In the Hat, the Lorax, the Grinch, Green Eggs & Ham, Yertle the Turtle and Horton the elephant just past their iconic fountain.

Each of the statues is detailed and reminiscent of the iconic drawings which have painted childhoods for many years and offers a special whimsy as you walk through the park. Free to the public this display is one for the books, the storybooks that is!!

When I visited the breeze of Texas rolled through downtown and swayed the trees overhead leaving a pleasant shade over the park. The walk around was a remembrance of all things fun and exciting about reading one of the many Seuss books and brought a massive smile to my face. I hardly realized that the sculptures were only a small portion of the overall collection until I noticed the moon towering over the corner at the park. Then I realized that the park was much more than Seuss alone, dozens of other stories could be found walking around.

Such a fun stop for those young or young at heart!!


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