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Hobbs State Park - Arkansas

Arkansas is known for its numerous unique outdoor spaces. Known as the Natural State, Arkansas lives up to its nickname boldly and with many special features which separate it from other states. Amongst those spaces within the state which set the bar high for others, Hobbs State Park and Conservation Area welcomes visitors to experience the state’s beauty though over 12,000 sprawling acres

Located just 10 miles east of Rogers, Arkansas the western most boundary of the park beckons you to indulge in trail riding, hikes, camping, fun ranges, hunting and biking. While to the northern border of the park you will access waterways connecting to Beaver Lake. Just south of the park’s boundary War Eagle Cavern offers a unique underground way to experience a portion of history, while inside the parks bounds you will find historic sites set aside for learning more about the land, long before it became a park.

Upon my most recent visit to Hobbs State Park, I made sure to make my way to the Visitor Center. A favorite of mine, I have always enjoyed the elaborate displays and descriptive information provided within this center. In addition to programs offered here, the center itself is a piece of unique Arkansas pride. Opened in 2009, the center has been recognized for its sustainable design receiving the Silver LEED Certification. But well beyond honors and awards their educational program based out of this center are where the real bragging rights can be held. Rangers are knowledgable and helpful and though when I visited most recently the interactive displays were more limited because of the current global conditions, typically you can find interactive touch screens, videos and a scavenger hunt challenge for the kiddos and adults alike.

A day trip to Hobbs can have many faces. Be it a simple picnic, nature photography or a hiking one of the may trails, the look of a trip here can be truly what you want it to be. Organized picnic areas at the Visitor Center and also the Van Winkle Trailhead make for a wonderful place to enjoy the afternoon, the change of the seasons or a quiet rest away from the bustle of larger communities.

This park is unlike many within the state which have a single geographical feature and instead sprawls across the hills of Arkansas creating a lot of opportunity for adventure. Over 35 miles of backcountry trails can make for a lot of fun and exploration all the while 5 nature trails and a historic trail give access for those wanting to stick a bit closer to the cuff for their adventure.

My favorite thing about this area is just driving through the winding roads to see the beauty. The trailheads seem to blend in and are a part of the landscape, offering a nice way to stop, stretch and see something different. Depending on the time of year you visit, no two visits are alike. Additionally, wildlife abounds in the most interesting ways here. While it is not likely you will find something large bustling about that is dangerous, you can look around and hear and see the birds. Small critter abound and if you take the time to find the silence around you, it is common to see deer wandering in the mornings and evenings.

Hobbs truly is a beautiful natural location in the Natural State worth a visit. Entry to the park is free and with so many unique things to do there you can easily find yourself passing a day away without even realizing how quickly the time has flown by. One of my personal favorites in Arkansas to visit.


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